Verification of identity if you do not have a National Insurance Number

If you have tried to register to vote but do not have or cannot find, or for some reason can’t be identified using your National Insurance number, you will need to ask a UK national who themselves lives outside the UK (but is not necessarily resident in the same country as you), is not related to you, and who is also on the UK electoral register (meaning this person will have to be have been outside the UK for less than 15 years), to confirm your identity for you.

You can use this form to contact the organisers of this website who may be able to help locate someone who can perform this identity confirmation task where you live. Please choose the city closest to where you live.

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If you live outside the UK, are registered on the UK electoral register and would be prepared to help others with this, please contact us using this form! Be aware that you will need to contact and meet the person and be satisfied that you can give a¬†declaration confirming that person’s identity before you actually do so.