Vote by Proxy (UK)

If you are a UK citizen and live outside the UK, British in Europe recommends a vote by proxy to ensure that your vote is counted in the upcoming general election on December 12th.  That’s simply because the postal systems vary greatly and there’s no foolproof way of checking that your vote has arrived on time, been opened and counted.

Have a look at this article to learn more why electoral administrators are recommending this too!

Please remember that your proxy vote must also be renewed when you re-register your vote each year.

So, if you’re living abroad or just on holiday on December 12th, you can apply to vote by proxy. This means you can nominate someone to vote for you, which is really useful if you’re in a place where the post takes too long or is not reliable. Both you and the person you appoint as your proxy must be registered to vote.

If this is your first time applying for a proxy vote, the deadline for applications is on December 4th at 5pm. However, if you are reapplying or amending your proxy vote, the deadline is on November 26th at 5pm. You must complete and send your application to your Local Registration Office by this date. This can be done either by post or by email. 

Where can I download a proxy form?

The Electoral Commission website is electoralcommission.org.uk. You can learn more about voting by proxy on their website here, and download a proxy vote form right here.

To apply to vote by proxy in Northern Ireland, you can find the correct form on the Electoral Office for Northern Ireland website.

But what happens if my proxy doesn’t live in the place where I’m registered to vote?

A common concern is that the person you want to nominate in the UK as your proxy doesn’t live in the area where your vote needs to be cast. Not a problem – your proxy can cast your vote by post, and your proxy will be sent a proxy poll card to return by post. Get in touch with your Electoral Registration Office at your local council or authority to sort this out. The deadline for applying for postal votes  – including postal proxy votes – is 5pm on November 26th. As it will likely take a little time, we recommend getting on with it ASAP. 

Where do I find my local Electoral Registration Office?

If you’re not sure where you are registered in the UK then you can check here with the local electoral registration office.

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