Vote where you are

How do I vote where I live in the EU?

If you have not voted before where you live, you will need to register. Final dates for registration vary amongst member states.  Always worth double checking but from the information we have on 25th April, you can still register to to vote in Latvia, Sweden, Estonia, Croatia, Lithuania, Germany, Hungary,Poland and Ireland. In some countries, you may need to check that you are still on the electoral roll. In Ireland and Cyprus you need to register every time you vote in the European elections.

Here is a very useful site to direct EU citizens to where and how they can vote if they are living out of their native country:  https://www.howtovote.eu

Find out which rules and registration deadlines apply in your host country.


Other useful information;

Here is information on the main groupings in the European Parliament (Wikipedia)

Euronews video on ‘All you need to know about the European Parl Elections”

European Parliament – information on how to vote.

And for those in Germany info for non German EU citizens.